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What to do if a Moose Attacks


A lot of moose charges are just warnings or bluffs, but you need to take every moose charge seriously. Even small calves, which weigh 300 to 400 pounds by their first winter alive, can injure you.

A moose that spots you and creeps slowly towards you is not attempting to be your friend. It is just a warning to get you to go away, or it might be looking for a little handout thinking that you have some free food, and there are ways to tell if it is about to attack. It could signal an attack if it lays its ears back, raises the long hairs on its shoulder humps, stomps the ground, or swings its head in your direction. If you notice it licking its lips, then you’re in trouble

Get away. Look for the closest tree, obstruction, building, or fence to get behind. Unlike with dogs, bears, or cougars, it’s the best idea to run from a moose because they won’t chase after you very far. You can run around an obstacle or tree faster than a moose can.

If a moose knocks you over, it could continue running, or it could start kicking and stomping. Get into the fetal position, put your arms over your head, and hold still. Don’t try to get up or move until the moose gets to a safe distance away, or it may redo its attack.