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Threats to the Moose


Because of their sheer size, healthy, adult moose don’t have many predators. However, grizzlies, or brown bears, do pose a potential threat. The habitation range of bears that size, however, is a lot smaller than the moose. Wolves and black bears are also big threats to calves, and in some places they can cause a lot of fatal effects for a big number of offspring. In spite of defense efforts by cows, a lot of calves are killed by wolves each year. There is a searious disease that is life-threatening called brainworm, and it is a parasite that the white-tailed deer carries. Even though the parasite doesn’t effect deer, it gets excreted through their droppings. Organisms that feed on droppings find their way to the moose’s food supply, and they are consumed by oose in greater numbers now. The parasite has a fatal effect on the moose CNS.

Moose have a threat from humans. Accidental fires, chemicals, loss of habitat, and hunting all pose threats to the moose population. Moose, however, also have lots of human allies doing hard work to guarantee that future generations will be able to appreciate and see this wonderful animal.