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Moose Diet


Moose like colder climates, and they live in different kinds of forests in the Northern Hemisphere. During the hot summer months, they like to be near the water.

Moose eat a lot of plant life. The kind of vegetation they eat depends on the season. They eat tree branches and leaves and shrubs for most of the year. They don’t have any upper front teeth, so they grip a branch and pull it sideways to strip away all the eaves with their coarse tongue and lips.

Moose love to go to areas where there is new growth of shrubs and trees that have been burned before by forest fires. It’s possible that humans control of forest fires has cut down availability in these areas.

In the summertime, plants in the water like pondweed and other kinds of pond lilies bring in more moose to streams and lakes. It is now thought that the high sodium content in the water plants is important for their diet. It is not uncommon to see moose out there standing in the water with their heads sticking out of the water. They can go underwater completely when they lower their heads down to pull up the soft plants. Moose can even swim down up to 18 feet to get the plants that they want.

Cold winter seasons make moose have to eat food with lower nutritional value. These winters can be so tough that they go into the towns to get food. They raid garbage cans and do all sorts of things. They even attack onlookers if they don’t give them enough food. Sometimes, people have to call the police to take care of the moose if they’re attacking. Instinctually, they eat a lot in the late after the mating season. By instinct, they look for food in the late post-mating season. They have to add a lot of nutritional resources to their bodies before the winters come because they can lose up to 30% of their total body weight.