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  • Moose Facts

    Moose Facts

    A moose is an even-toed ungulate in the Cervidae family and Alces genus. Its features are spatulate antlers, a big head with an overhanging snout, longish legs, and a little tail. It is also defined as a herbivore that is a big ruminant, and it is part of the deer

  • Threats to the Moose

    Threats to the Moose

    Because of their sheer size, healthy, adult moose don’t have many predators. However, grizzlies, or brown bears, do pose a potential threat. The habitation range of bears that size, however, is a lot smaller than the moose. Wolves and black bears are also big threats to calves, and in some

  • Moose Habitat

    Moose Habitat

    In the spring season, when the longer daylight hours have warmed the woods once more, the co moose can have a couple of calves after an eight-month gestation period. If the population of the moose is more, it’s not as likely to have two calves, and it can also be

  • Moose Antlers

    Moose Antlers

    The male bull moose are the only ones that can spawn antlers, and they are very broad and expansive with a six-foot span, and they mark the moose as having a recognizable and familiar appearance. Antlers start to grow in the early spring from places attached to the skull on

  • Moose Diet

    Moose Diet

    Moose like colder climates, and they live in different kinds of forests in the Northern Hemisphere. During the hot summer months, they like to be near the water. Moose eat a lot of plant life. The kind of vegetation they eat depends on the season. They eat tree branches and

  • Beware of Moose on the Roads

    Beware of Moose on the Roads

    When your alarm keeps going off, you eventually get out of bed, make up some coffee, and walk out the door to some job. You send up a silent prayer that there won’t be much traffic, but when you listen to the morning report on traffic, you realize that fate

  • Approaching a Moose in the Wild

    Approaching a Moose in the Wild

    Most people really love the moose because it’s just so different. They don’t scare easily, and they don’t act spooked or shy the way that deer do. They might even appear curious or docile to some onlookers, and that can be misleading. There is something to keep in mind about

  • What to do if a Moose Attacks

    What to do if a Moose Attacks

    A lot of moose charges are just warnings or bluffs, but you need to take every moose charge seriously. Even small calves, which weigh 300 to 400 pounds by their first winter alive, can injure you. A moose that spots you and creeps slowly towards you is not attempting to

  • Moose Attacks

    Moose Attacks

    Anchorage, Alaska is having a problem with moose, and their trash cans are starting to become targets of moose. The Fish and Game department there just reported that moose going through trash cans looking for old food has increased in the last 15 years. The most terrible months for moose